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About The Kirkpatrick Prize


The winner of the competition will be awarded:


  1. A cash award of $1,000

  2. Recognition on a plaque given to the prizewinner

  3. Recognition of the winner at the annual Rocky Mountain Book and Paper Fair

  4. A year’s membership to Firsts magazine

  5. Complimentary one-hour consultation session from Spencer W Stuart, Collections Advisor

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Submission Requirements

To participate in the Kirkpatrick Prize competition, you need to submit the following materials:​

  1. An annotated bibliography of the collection (20 items maximum), with each title, numbered

  2. A statement of no more than 1,000 words concerning your collection. This should include a summary of your collection; your reason for forming the collection; and a description of one or two of your most prized items (supported by photographs)

  3. A description of desiderata (those works that you lack, but hope to find one day) to be added to the collection (5 items maximum)

  4. The Taylor C. Kirkpatrick Prize for Book Collecting application


The deadline for the Kirkpatrick Prize submission is 11:59 pm on March 31. Submissions that do not have all required materials will not be considered.  The winner will be notified by June 30. The winner will be invited to attend and be recognized at the annual Rocky Mountain Book and Paper Fair. Judges will be Taylor Kirkpatrick and a committee composed of 3-5 volunteer members of RMABA who preferably are also members of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America. As needed, a special collections librarian may also be called upon to assist with the judging.

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