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Submission Guidelines

  1. Materials must be owned by one collector and must have been collected by the collector.  

  2. A previous winner may enter again if a different collection is submitted. 

  3. A previous non-winner may enter again with the same collection, but only if the collection has been enhanced. 

  4. Finalists may be asked for an interview, and / or to present a representative sample of their collection during judging.  Judges will do their best to accommodate any conflicts with the times of the final judging.

Judging Guidelines

  1. Each collection will be evaluated for how well the collection follows the stated organizing principle, as articulated in the submitted materials. 

  2. The monetary value of the collection will not be a factor in judging.

Collection Guidelines


  1. A collection should reflect a clearly defined, unifying theme or interest.  It may incorporate books, either hardcover or paperback, manuscripts, ephemera, maps, prints and drawings, or autograph materials, as long as they are germane to the collection's focus. 

  2. The collection does not need to consist of rare books.

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