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Winning Book Collector: Angie N.

Age at the time of award: 29
Award year: 2023

Book collection name:

Colección de Libros Latinoamericanos (Latin American Book Collection)


Brief book collection overview:

“My colección de libros latinoamericanos (Latin American book collection) reflects my wide-ranging interest in Latin America: its history, music, myths, art, and more. The collection centers around the subjects that most captivate my interests, and it also includes nods to some of the scholars that helped shape my passion for Latin American studies.”


How did your collection start:

“My collection began during my senior year of high school in 2012 with Jorge Luis Borges’s genre-exploding masterpiece Ficciones, in which he redefined the possibilities of both short fiction and philosophy. I had begun reading books in Spanish earlier that year to get a better handle on the vocabulary and grammar of the language I had been studying in Denver Public Schools since 2005. Over the next couple of years my collection rapidly expanded with other modern classics like Gabriel García Márquez’s Cien años de soledad and Isabel Allende’s La casa de los espíritus, as I discovered that reading in Spanish was a way to not only build my linguistic abilities but also to experience some of the greatest literary achievements of the past century as they were originally written.”


One book you’d like to add to your collection: Eduardo Galeano’s Las venas abiertas de América Latina (The Open Veins of Latin America)

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